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Let’s Not Talk Business Right Now

Business networking in-person is such a massive pain for most people. For one thing, office parties and gatherings traditionally extremely boring. Second, business conferences are typically filled with people who retreat to their corner and only hang out with their familiar acquaintances.

This is human nature, but it can make networking in-person a very difficult process for most people. Ask yourself: when was the last time you made a successful business connection at a networking event or conference?

1. Let’s Not Talk Business Right Now

You’ve spent all of your time working with someone on a conversation that could relate to your business or your job in particular. You feel like this person might be helpful to you in your career, but they keep telling you that they “don’t want to talk business right now”.

The problem with many business conferences and working meals is that people go to these events to eat or drink. If you are the one person who is taking the event seriously, you’re not going to get any progress with anybody.

2. You’re Looking For The “Right” People

The “right” person in business is simply the person who can help you take the next step in your business, your career, or even just land your next contract. However, your chances of running into these people in a conference setting are so small that it is almost not worth going. You could spend hours in a room schmoozing with most everyone in the room and still miss out on the one real opportunity because you didn’t get to them during the event.

3. You Get Some Contacts and They Never Contact You

Have you returned from a conference with a bag of business cards, stuck them in a drawer, and then threw them away 7 months later when you were cleaning your desk? Yes, so do the people you meet.

When you build up some contacts, you will find that many of them were simply being polite when they talked to you at the dinner or the conference. You have spent all this time trying to get “in” with these people and they never call or write you back.

While you might be the kind of person who will write thank you notes and send occasional emails to ensure that people still remember that you exist, that does not mean that all the contacts you make will do the same. In fact, you will find that some people are simply not interested in anything other than a short meeting at the conference you attended.


I knew a small business owner who was interested in finding a couple of local freelance designers to work on a web project. He went to a business networking event for digital marketers, designers, and developers, thinking “hey, this is perfect!

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