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When Did Professional Networking Become So Hard?

Did you know LinkedIn is now a $24 billion company? It’s amazing how quickly the company has grown in just the few short years it’s been around.

It’s grown because it WORKS. Have you ever tried job hunting on there? It’s much better than some of the job-sites that we used to use.

It also works because it really makes it easy to connect with fellow professionals and build out a network. After all, that’s really the premise of LinkedIn – connecting with other professionals in your field, your company, or in complementary roles.

$24 billion. Stop and think about that.

Does a networking company grow to a $24 billion valuation because a marketing manager is syncing up with a freelance designer??

Does a social media network for professionals grow to become more valuable than The Gap by letting Susan from accounting add Todd from payroll as a contact?

Or did LinkedIn become what many social media sites become: a platform for advertising?

When Did Professional Networking Become So Hard?

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If you want to hire someone or find a job, then LinkedIn is a great bet.

If you want to discover a new business opportunity and make a real connection with that person, LinkedIn stopped being the place long ago.

The problem with LinkedIn is that with the great many updates, the site itself doesn’t seem like it is sure what it wants to be.

Perhaps it is trying to compete with other social media sites. In one aspect, it’s a social media forum meant to connect other professionals in their field.

In another aspect, it is used as a job board where hungry employers and employees go to seek each other out. This kind of identity crisis becomes more of a hindrance than an asset.

One of the factors that plague LinkedIn as a social network is that despite the numerous ways to “connect

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